New Stealth Diablo CAM!

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    Usta Üye

    New Stealth Diablo CAM!


    New Stealth Diablo CAM!

    Forum Alev
    New Stealth 1.68 for Diablo CAM!

    What's New?

    ^ TV-C*bo Working with private Keys THEY KEY IS NOT PUBLIC ;)
    If the external Key (in the keys.bin file) exists (16 Byte) it will work with it.
    If External Key is 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 then the Stealth
    will use the internal private emulator Key.

    ^ D+ Updated public key

    ^ EMM bug with Viaccess fixed.

    ^ General EMM via Wireless fixed.

    ^ Cryptoworks PIN implemented with maturity level.

    ^ Cryptoworks orginal card handling fixed.

    ^ Main bugs fixed

    ^ Wireless communication problems fixed.

    ^ Check out the new TUF 2.2 file for the TwinBase to handle the Twister solution with the Wireless.

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    Usta Üye

    New Stealth 1.76


    [rainbow]New Stealth 1.76 [/rainbow]

    Added the entire EMU list with all channels.

    To edit the new channels list use the Keymaker 1.52

    You need to add the provider name on the XML file since this Stealth version!! Use with latest keys

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    Usta Üye
    New stealth 1.76
    ****** Working on ******
    -> DiabloCam Wireless
    -> DiabloCam Light
    ****** What's New? *****
    ^ Problem with Humax 2000, Echostar and Tonbury receivers on compatibility.
    Now it all should work ok. This has been a big BUG fixing update!
    ^ Diablo is becoming every day much more powerfull. Here is the the
    CAID selectable function.
    Some receviers accepts just a limited number of CAID. This is the reason
    why the Dragon CAM/T-Rex has more that one Binary to load depending on the CAID
    you what inside becasue there is not enought room to hold all of them.
    With diablo is now possible with the new feature to select the group of CAID
    (still enditables from the XML file) that you want to declare to the receiver
    in order to descrable the channels with the Multi-CAS system.
    None of the CAMs acuatually in the market has this feature.
    Included you will find some pre-made lists of CAID. You can choose the bouquet
    you prefer better (UK, German, French, Spanish/Italian, East-Europe, Astra1, Other)
    ** Remember that this feature is mandatory only on some receivers becasue they do
    not allow the CAM to handle the PMT as the Diablo can handle the PMT automatically
    so most of the receiver there is no need for it to declare the CAID **
    In order to make the new list choosen to take effect please extract the CAM from
    the receiver and re-insert it!!!
    ^ Added the possibility to choose the Priority between Emulators and Smartcard
    on the decryption.
    ^ New Drag and Drop menus selectables with the actuale option showed.
    ^ Minor Bug solved.

    ******* Emulators ******
    -^ Nagra 1
    -^ Nagra 2 - Edit keys with Keymaker
    -^ Seca 1
    -^ Seca 2 (not working but implemented)
    -^ TPSCrypt
    -^ Viaccess 1 and 2.3
    -^ Irdeto 1
    -^ Cryptoworks
    -^ Conax (no keys around)
    -^ Biss
    -^^ Constant Control Word ^^

    **** Original Smartcard ****
    -^ Betacrypt
    -^ Irdeto 1/2
    -^ Seca 1/2
    -^ Viaccess 1/2
    -^ Cryptoworks
    -^ Conax
    -^ DreamCrypt
    -^ Nagravision 1 with BoxKey
    -^ DGCrypt

    ** NOTES **

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    Usta Üye
    New Stealth 1.86 for DiabloCAM!

    - Fixed Delayer values iwthout image flicks on Wireless version.
    - Fixed IRDETO Bug initialization on the second CAM.
    - Fixed EMM bug that was blocking the CAM.
    - Fixed Viacess compatibility with some cards.

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    Usta Üye

    ****** Working on ******
    -> DiabloCam Wireless
    -> DiabloCam Light
    What's new:
    TvCabo AutoUpdate 100% fixed

    Stealth_1[1] 05-Jun-2007 23:05 645k

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