DVB SkyStar Team on HOLIDAY 14.7 - 26.7

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    DVB SkyStar Team on HOLIDAY 14.7 - 26.7


    DVB SkyStar Team on HOLIDAY 14.7 - 26.7

    Forum Alev
    NewCSX (AutoRestart NewCS) 2.00 - DOWNLOAD
    Software for autorestart NewCS in XP.
    SIDcache channels 08.07.06 by LeDoc - DOWNLOAD
    New update (channels and ECM) for DVB-s cards.
    V-Plug 0.9.4 - DOWNLOAD
    New : Offline Debugger.
    Bug fix : Fixed broken N2 ECM handling.
    Adding non-repetitive new found AES key to the end of Softcam.Key file.
    Binary Keys File Converter 2.0.0 - DOWNLOAD
    Cryptoworks support added. Nagravision Aladin support added.
    Nagra RSA support added. Camd3 'Camd3.keys' support added.
    Diablocam 'Keys.xml' support added. Printer support added...
    SkyGrabber 2.5.2 - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Full MP3 files renaming. Big satproviders list with settings
    and pids added. Changes in satproviders settings window.
    Category field in FileType property added. Show signal level added.
    Romanian and Slovak languages added. And other...
    Removed SteChannelList from commandline for ProgDVB.
    Fixed German Free TV EPG. Other fixes.
    ProgDVB 4.74.1 - DOWNLOAD LINK
    NEW Channel list for ProgDVB (24 Satellites) - DOWNLOAD
    24 Satellites ...by DVB SkyStar Team !
    Türksat 1C/Eurasiasat 1 (42-E) - PanAmSat 1R (45.0-W)
    SatBazaar CardServer 0.8i - DOWNLOAD
    ProgDVB 4.74 - DOWNLOAD LINK
    Audio and video codecs are updated. DXVA support and many
    other functions are added. Codecs are in the evaluation mode.
    After 21 day free trial you should either register them HERE or
    use other codecs. Internal changes in ProgDVB and Prog Media client/server.
    CoreAVC Pro H.264 Codecs - DOWNLOAD
    MainConcept 2.0.15 H.264 Codecs - DOWNLOAD LINK
    SatBazaar Client 1.0g - DOWNLOAD
    Arabic language for SkyGrabber - DOWNLOAD
    V-Plug 0.9.2 - DOWNLOAD
    Bug fix : Fixed Crash on exit.
    Update : v_get_key.ini file has been updated.
    OSH 3.0.303 (On Screen HTML) for ProgDVB - DOWNLOAD
    Fixed "black screen" bug in 24-bit color mode.

    SIDcache channels 24.06.06 by LeDoc - DOWNLOAD
    New update (channels and ECM) for DVB-s cards.
    V-Plug 0.9.1 - DOWNLOAD
    Cry*to*orks emulation has been Added. v_get_key.ini file
    has been updated. Writing Via-1's found key to softcam.key file.
    "Reread SoftCam.Key" menu option has been removed.
    Now its changes are being watched.
    NewCS 1.17 RC10 - DOWNLOAD
    Fixed bug in NDS on phoenix. Remove port from the newcamd-section,
    should of course be in reader now. Fixed Cry*to*orks blocker.
    DVB Dream 1.1h - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    MPEG4/H.264 support added. Plugin checkmarks fixed.
    Video options dialog revised. SS2 USB support fixed.
    Overlay usage fixed. Log files no longer use root path.
    FastSatfinder 2.0.1 Multilanguage - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Some bugs fixed. Compatible with BDA.
    The Fast and Easy Way to find a satellite!
    SkyGrabber 2.5.1 - DOWNLOAD
    DVBEngine can work with SkyStar-1 compatible cards.
    DVBEngine now work with universal pid (8192). Button "Pause" added.
    DVBEngine can work with Diceq. And other...
    V-Plug 0.9.0 - DOWNLOAD
    Fixed N2 dcw's parsing (moderate intermittent freezes).
    ProgDVB 4.73 - Full Install - Intel CPU update - WIn9x/Me update
    Update Prog Media client/server (not compatible with old versions!).
    Update EPG module. Update Skystar2 module. Some small changes.
    ProgDVB Channel Editor 1.107 - DOWNLOAD
    V-Plug 0.8.9 - DOWNLOAD
    D*g*TV (N2 2111) fixed. You need the correct keys for sure!
    Added CardClient CAMD3.5 UDP protocol support (ECM request).
    N2 mecm processing.
    FastSatfinder 2.0b Multilanguage - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    English, German, Italian, Russian, Chinese,
    Portuguese, Polish, French.
    HDTVtoMPEG2 1.11.89 - DOWNLOAD
    SIDcache channels 11.06.06 by LeDoc - DOWNLOAD
    New update (channels and ECM) for DVB-s cards.
    S2emu 1.26 by MarS1 - DOWNLOAD
    Fix for NA providers post process of DCW's.
    Reread of Softcam.key file if modified. Fix for timeout
    on empty filters. More space for AES keys.

    FIFA World Cup 2006 - Official Site

    New device interface for AltDVB 2.1
    SkyStar2 (B300) - Pinnacle (B078) - Twinhan (B135)
    Fixed BIG bug in FFDecsa packets processor.
    Signal indicator for driver 4.4.0. Native raw DiseqC if driver >= 4.3.2
    Can be used with SS2 USB version.
    DVB Dream 1.1g - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Twinhan: more stable tuning. Pinnacle: fix for periodic freezings.
    Genpix: Turbo QPSK/FEC support. Some fixes for PIP and MPG record.

    SatFile Filter 1.3 - DOWNLOAD
    SkyGrabber 2.5 - DOWNLOAD
    Fixed AV on stop grabbing. Fixed some interface errors.
    Connected the new ProgDVB engine. Now the program is able to
    work with 12 DVB cards...
    Cuttermaran 1.67 - DOWNLOAD
    V-Plug 0.8.8 - DOWNLOAD
    AutoAESfromWeb Updates...
    Fixing broken saving Analyzed ECM's output option.
    MPEG2Cut 2 Build 6602 - DOWNLOAD
    ANTEPG Plugin for MyTheatre - DOWNLOAD
    V-Plug 0.8.7 - DOWNLOAD
    Bug Fix: Do not using illegal MD-API Filter_ID's!
    New: AES Keys AutoCycle.
    DVB Dream 1.1f - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    More bandstacking options. Bandstacking uses
    fixed 18 volt now. Stay On Top fix.
    S2emu 1.25 by MarS1 - DOWNLOAD
    Fix for T*S.
    OSH 3.0.301 (On Screen HTML) for ProgDVB - DOWNLOAD
    Added ASP.NET hosting inside of OSH Host.
    Requires .NET Framework version 2.0
    RitzDVB FullPackage - DOWNLOAD - RitzDVB Forum
    Programmateur ProgDVB 4.11.0000 - DOWNLOAD
    DVB Dream 1.1d - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Minor fix for record audio drop outs on some channels.
    PVAStrumento - DOWNLOAD
    DVB Dream 1.1c - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Fix for record crash bug. Better audio sync for record.
    ProgDVB 4.72.8 - Full Install
    Update Prog Media client/server.
    V-Plug 0.8.6 - DOWNLOAD
    Hex Viewer errors. P*e*i*re (N2 0501) fixed again!
    N*gra2 Nano E0 handling. Detection of CA System Names based on latest
    official docs. Some little bugs in PMT parser have been fixed.
    MyTheatre 3.36 - Full Package - Lite Package
    USALS support (hardware settings). Ability to choose audiotrack
    while playback file with multiple audio. Update Technotrend Budget PCI
    library. new versions of TT Budget PCI cards should work now...
    SkyGrabber 2.4.2 - DOWNLOAD
    DVB Dream 1.1b - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog).
    22khz tone off/on switch bug fixed. AirStar2 bug fixed.
    Pinnacle Diseqc support.
    ProgDVB Channel Editor 1.104 - DOWNLOAD
    SatBazaar Client 1.0e - DOWNLOAD
    RelictEPG 0.65.4 - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Fixed problem with shutdown task. Status osd in RitzDVB.
    For Premiere EPG only 2 Filter. Bug fix in ProgDVB OSD.
    Bug fix for empty Description.
    S2emu 1.241 by MarS1 - DOWNLOAD
    Fix for Pr*mi*re inverse DCW's.
    DVB Dream 1.1a - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Bug fixes (for the bugs reported by users via eurekalog).
    New Feature: Upgrade Reminder.
    Ch.Scanner has been adapted for N.A., Genpix 8PSK - USB device support.
    Pinnacle PCTV Sat/400i/Lite support.Out of resource bug fixed.
    General Timer Exception bug fixed. Bulgarian language added.
    Preferred languages for audio pids added. AC3 problems fixed.
    Some plugin problems fixed. Many bugs reported via Eurekalog fixed.
    RelictEPG 0.65.3 - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    By ProgDVB start record switch to correct ChannelsList.
    Add in "add to schedule" dialog labels for frequecy and timing.
    SatBazaar Client 1.0d - DOWNLOAD
    PVAStrumento - DOWNLOAD
    ProgDVB 4.72.7 - Full Install
    Yankse SIDcache channels 20.05.06 by LeDoc - DOWNLOAD
    New update (channels and ECM) for DVB-s cards.
    NEW Channel list for ProgDVB (19 Satellites) - DOWNLOAD
    ...by DVB SkyStar Team ! Astra 1B-1H/2C, Hotbird 1-6, Astra 1D/3A,
    Eutelsat W2, Eutelsat W3A, Sirius 2/3, Thor 2/3, Amos 1/2, Hispasat 1B/1C/1D,
    Telstar 12, Atl. Bird 1, Telecom 2D/Atl. Bird 2, Telecom 2C/Atl. Bird 3, NSS 7,
    Turksat 1C/Eurasiasat 1, HellasSat 2, Eutelsat Sesat, Astra 2A/B/D, Arabsat 3A/2D
    SkyGrabber 2.4.1 - DOWNLOAD
    SatBazaar Client 1.0a - DOWNLOAD
    Teletext subtitles 0.6.2 - DOWNLOAD Plugin for Multidec and MyTheatre.
    Fixed bug with the wait4page option.
    Added option OnlySubPages. Maybe useful on some channels.

    ProgDVB 4.72.6 - Full Install - Intel CPU update - WIn9x/Me update
    Update pinnacle and BDA module. some small fixs.
    DataSky 0.009 - DOWNLOAD
    Based on SkyNet by S.O.V.A
    SkyGrabber 2.4 - DOWNLOAD
    XP interface done. Some logical errors fixed.
    SatBazaar Client 0.9e - DOWNLOAD
    ProgDVB Channel Editor 1.102 - DOWNLOAD
    S2emu 1.24 by MarS1 - DOWNLOAD
    Support for more CW providers. Fixed PMT reading
    Fixed updating of s2emu.ini file. New td_evocamd.elf file.
    RelictEPG 0.65.1 - DOWNLOAD - HOMEPAGE
    Web Interface (build in Web Server, by default on port 8080),
    template for web server is only under IE tested. Search improvements.
    Bug fixing. Interface improvements. SpeedUp grid interface.
    DVB Dream HotFix 'A' for v1.0 - DOWNLOAD
    Download v1.0 before this patch!
    Device selection bugs fixed. Some crash problems fixed.
    Short codec descriptions added. PIP menu now reachable
    from mainwindow and tvwindow context menu.
    DataSky 0.008 - DOWNLOAD
    Based on SkyNet by S.O.V.A

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