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    Cevap: Antalyanın tarihi yerlerininin ingilizce anlatımı

    20,815 sq km
    1.132.211 (1990)

    Thanks to its archaeological and natural beauties of Antalya Turkish Riviera "was the name. Sea, sun, history and nature come together in magical harmony on the Mediterranean's most beautiful and cleanest beaches.

    630 km. Along the coast, with ancient cities, harbors, memorial tombs and secluded coves, sandy beaches, lush forests and streams takes place.

    Palm-lined boulevard, internationally-acclaimed marina, with traditional architecture and modern spaces with a cozy corner by Kaleici of Turkey's most important tourism center of Antalya, Aspendos Opera and Ballet Festival, International Beach Volleyball, triathlon, golf tournaments, archery, tennis, Skiing competitions and so on. events, opened in 1995 in Antalya Culture Center and the plastic arts, music, theater, exhibitions, events and is home to many cultural and artistic.


    Districts of Antalya; Akseki, Alanya, Apple, Phoenicia, Gazipasa Gundogmus, Nelson, Kale, Kas, Kemer, Korkuteli, Kumluca, Manavgat and Serik'tir.

    Akseki: the province of Antalya, Alanya, is the oldest district in the rugged and mountainous nature of the Taurus has an appearance Akseki.

    In and around Antalya province in recent years in parallel with developments in the field of tourism, developing tourism activities Akseki district. Which is frequented by tourists, hunters and Akseki, "Snow flower 'home of the parent. In winter, local and foreign visitors to see the flower of Snow Is Coming Soon eder.Giden Mountains, the mountain goat hunters can purchase permanent conservation and game reserve is located avlanacağı, Sinan hoca Gümüşdamla production facilities in the villages and trout are among the places frequented by hunters and tourists.

    Göktepe Plateau, Plateau Ryegrass, River Valley discovered in recent months, with a depth of 340 meters Bucakalan Cave, the district center of the Grand Mosque and Madrasa other works are worth seeing.

    Apple: The exact founding date is unknown Elmalı contained in the Lycian region. Semahoyuk Karatas near the east in the west, near the village of Gentlemen's Gentlemen's village has been inhabited since the Bronze Age excavations in the region.

    Mounds: the villages of the city, there are three mounds. The first of these is the village of Müğren mound west of the city. Archaeological surveys show that the traces of various civilizations. On the second mound to the west, the Ottoman and the Turkish cemetery at the village of Semahoyuk for the research has been done so far. The third and largest city in the south of the mound, Apple - on the way to Kas, in Beyler mound. The excavations carried out on the mound, is continuously inhabited since the Bronze Age. The items unearthed in the excavations are exhibited in the Antalya Museum.

    Tumuli: east of the city, 6 km from Elmali. away near the village of Bayindir. Standing side by side in one of several tumuli excavations BC 7. Find th century finds. Antalya Museum on display in a special section of life during that era, these findings provide cross-sections.

    There are two known Tombs mausoleum. The first one is the other one Kızılbel'dedir Karaburun. Antalya - The walls of Apple on the road to the tomb of King Karaburun is decorated with frescoes of scenes of hunting and war. Apple Kizilbel funerary monument west of the city - is on the way Yuvayol. Consists of a room composed of limestone blocks.

    Define: In 1984, in Antalya - Apple road just north of the line, between King's Tomb and the village was Gokpinar. 190 pieces of ancient silver coins, the treasure and took America by antique smugglers. Currently, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, located in a private collection. The earth is described as the most valuable ancient coin in Athens Decadrachmeleri (14 pieces, each of $ 600,000) is located in this great treasure.

    Mosques: The Seljuk mosque in the district, Block Mosque, Sinan-i Ummi Camii, Omer Pasha Mosque and Complex of the city are worth seeing.

    Korkuteli: 67 km from Antalya. away.

    Gundogmus: 182 km from Antalya. There are many ancient ruins of the city away from the town of Gundogmus. 7 km to the north of the beautiful Bond Bucağı'nın. and still have not been excavated from the City of St. Sophia, the south-west of the city, 7 km from the city center Gundogmus. Sumene district, a distance, the ruins of Asar, Senir Köyü 2 km to the east. Peeling away from the ruins in the locality of the Gundogmus south-west of the city center and 11 km from the city. Gedfi away from the ruins of the ancient city in ruins.

    Cem Pasa Mosque in the center of town, Gundogmus Pembelik between the town center to the east of the village, 15 km. Fly away from the mountain top ruins, Alanya / Konya Kervanyolu, Gundogmus Ruins of the city of Antalya on the highway at Tasagir Kazayir other visible artifacts.

    Gazipasa: 180 km from Antalya. Gazipasa away, 10 km. long beach, forests and turquoise blue bays, natural beauties, is a lovely town. Scaffolding, Protect and Kahyalar beaches, is an important breeding Loggerhead turtles. So far remained untouched Gazipasa, accommodation, recreational facilities, history and natural beauty, still under construction, with the airport and the marina on its way to becoming an attractive tourist center.

    Ancient Cities

    Antioch Adcragum: Gazipasa east, 18 km. away from the South within the village. The city's name Commagene King 4 Is Antiochus. Castle, colonnaded street, the agora, baths, victory arch, a church, are the ruins of the city's necropolis. Necropolis of the city, region-specific barrel vault, a front courtyard, a monumental tombs are well preserved.

    Adanda Lamos ancient city, 15 km from Gazipasa. northeast. Today Adanda 2 km from the village. to the north of the summit of a mountain was high and steep. The city is surrounded by walls. South of the entrance to the city, there are a huge tower. Among the ruins of the city carved in natural rock fountain can count and two temples. This monolithic sarcophagi in the necropolis made of carved stone blocks are among the major ruins. The ruins, the best way reflect the culture and art of the mountainous Cilician region.

    Nephelis ancient city transportation, Gazipasa-Anamur 12 km. Muzkent Sinden after passing through the village about 5 km south sling. provided with a stabilized road. The city consists of the acropolis and the remains along the east-west. The only standing structures of the medieval castle, a temple, musical hall, irrigation system and the necropolis areas.

    Selinus Beach Gazipasa Hacimusa Creek in the southwestern slopes of the ancient city of Selinus, is one of the most important cities in the mountainous Cilician region. Acropolis hill of the city was established. Walls and towers of a medieval castle on the hill is very well preserved. Acropolis, a church and a cistern has survived to the present day The other buildings of the baths, agora, Islami Yapi (mansion), aqueducts and nekropol'dur. Most of the bones in the Alanya Museum were brought from the Necropolis, where the workshop ostotek persist.

    Kumluca: Alakir Gavur Brook Creek and the alluvial plain located in the mountains, brought by dragging and Kumluca surrounded by the towns of Finike and Apple. Sandy beaches along the coast, accommodation facilities and has coves. Kumluca 27 km. Altinkaya located north of Plateau, hatchery trout, cedar forests and abundant waters of a beautiful plateau. And the ancient cities of Olympos is located in the border town of Kumluca Korydalla.

    Alanya: Alanya, wide beaches, historic monuments, modern hotels and motels and numerous fish restaurants, cafes and bars is a perfect holiday getaway. Their first meeting, which was established as a crown atop of Alanya Peninsula and 13 century Seljuk Castle. Besides the impressive castle yard and monumental beauty of the unique octagonal Red Tower are worth seeing.

    Port of the port along the path of the surrounding cafes and bars in the evening hours crafts, leather, clothing, jewelry, handbags and interesting colors, decorated with indigenous pumpkin s of water is sold in boutiques. Stalactite Cave, must see if you like to explore caves. The cave is located near the Museum of Ethnography. Three sea caves by boat can reach the Cave of Phosphorous fluorescent rocks, Girls Cave and Lovers Cave pirates female prisoners were kept.

    15 km from Alanya. The cool shade of Dim Brook Valley, located to the east is an ideal place to relax. Be entered into the sea all around Alanya is a full sun, sea, sand paradise.

    Phoenicia: Phoenician, is the province of Antalya. Phoenician history, famous for oranges, a tourist resort combined with nature and the sea. City known for its oranges, Limyra city with the ruins of the ancient city ruins and Arykanda interest.

    Kas: Kas is the most important cities of Lycia, the ancient county for the period surrounding the cities and historical values and cultural trips insatiable; the Mediterranean, created by deep underwater dives to feel excitement peaks, rivers, full of adventure, the 'canoe tours', ecological adaptation to explore the hiking' the deep and dark caves cave diving technical equipment, high mountains, soaring views of the turquoise waters of New color 'paragliding'; precious stones reminiscent of the Mediterranean islands to the environment with the 'Blue Cruises and boat tours, sea products according to your taste and aromatic herbs grown in the mountains, sweetened menu of local dishes, the legacy of hundreds of the year, variety and beauty of handicrafts, tourism centers of the districts of Antalya and Kas is connected with the natural, historical and cultural richness, alternative tourism facilities and tourist resorts in the vicinity of the color spectrum with an imaginary place.

    Manavgat, Antalya Province is connected to all kinds of Manavgat, history and nature of tourism activity can be done side by side into a tourism center.

    Serik: The Serik town of Antalya, Aspendos contains important city in Pamphylia. Until recently received intact, with excellent acoustics of Aspendos Tiyatosu, today is home to important art events.

    Kale (Demre): Antalya, province of the Castle of Santa Claus' place of residence of the faith as an important tourism resort.

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