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    Cevap: New Year's Eve or New Year and the end of one year, beginning a new year's celebration has been a cultural event. By culture is celebrated with the annual calendar. Used in many countries, including Turkey takvim'inin Gregorian year is the first official day. Which is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus and Christmas is celebrated as a completely separate. However, Christmas and New Year holidays are combined in some countries. Contrary to the tree decorations and gifts such as thought activities at Christmas, but Christmas is done.

    January 1: Turkey, including the Gregorian calendar used by most countries, according to the first day of the year.
    In the calendar month of Muharram of the Hijri New Year takes place in 1. Hijri lunar calendar month 12 to 354 days corresponds been arranged, so according to the Gregorian calendar, 11 days before Christmas takes place every year. Thus, in 2008, two in the Gregorian calendar throughout the year Hijri New Year's Eve will be realized.
    Roşaşana (Hebrew new year) is the Jewish New Year. 163 days after the Passover is celebrated.
    Eastern Orthodox Church of the New Year's Eve (the corresponding anniversary of Jesus' circumcision) 14 Ocak'da is celebrated (according to the Julian Calendar 1 January). However, eight of the largest 12 Eastern Orthodox Church, two came on the same day of the Julian calendar adopted the updated (Bulgaria, Cyprus, Egypt, Poland, Romania, Syria, Turkey and Greece). Georgia, Israel, Russia and Serbian Orthodox Churches continue to use the Julian Calendar.
    Each year, the first lunar month of Chinese New Year is celebrated on the day of the new Moon, which also roughly corresponds to the spring. Exact date, according to the Gregorian calendar falls between January 21 and February 21. Is the most important festival of the year in China.
    Iranian calendar in the New Year Norous (Norouz) is called and is celebrated at the beginning of spring (20 or 21 March).
    Thailand, Cambodia and Laos'da New Year from April 15 until April 13 is celebrated. Especially in Thailand, this celebration takes place by pouring water.

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