Fethi okyarın ingilizce hayatı

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    Fethi okyarın ingilizce hayatı

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    In 1880 Pirlepe'de (Yugoslavia) was born. Saw a good education. Mustafa Kemal with the çalışdı Hurriyet Vatan Society. In 1908 in Paris, which ateşemiliter Fethi Bey, the Tripoli War comes out, left from Paris, to participate in the war in Africa Trablusgarb'a passed.

    In 1913, a member of the Committee of Union and Progress Party Headquarters and the General Secretary has been elected. In the last month of the same year was appointed as ambassador to Sofia. Izzet Pasha, Minister of Internal Medicine in the short-lasting as the Grand Vizier Fethi Bey, Damat Ferit Pasha was arrested by. All who want to eliminate their opponents Damat Ferit, Fethi Bey Enver, Cemal and Talat Pasha accused of turning a blind eye to many low and was exiled to Malta. However, be changed to be arrested in 1921 with the British was rescued from Malta. Grand National Assembly by the Minister of Internal Medicine in Great Raid selected as Fethi Bey, Rome, Paris and London went to the Greeks from Anatolia to stay out of work for peace has to provide. Fethi Bey this situation, at that time to complete preparations for attack in a telegram to Mustafa Kemal birdirdi. Then returned to Ankara. Upon leaving the Prime Minister's task Rauf Orbay was elected Prime Minister (August 4, 1923).

    Republic of the job that during the cabinet crisis on the Prime Minister left. Mustafa Kemal decided at the time of the proclamation of the Republic, he was found and in the Assembly, to be followed by the study was to determine the shape together. Fethi Bey, was elected President of the Parliament of the Republic after the declaration. After the establishment of the Progressive Party, Prime Minister Ismet Inonu who left the prime minister's re-elected instead Fethi Okyar, starting February 1925 during the Prime Minister Sheikh Said Rebellion left.

    Work as ambassador from Paris, in 1930, came to the dormitory to rest by Mustafa Kemal Fethi Okyar establish a new party on the proposal to make, founded the Liberal Republican Party. But this party was closed down. Mustafa Kemal's death, and then continue their studies Fethi Okyar, 12 March 1941, separated from the Judiciary Ministry of tasks and a few years later, in 1943, died May 7.

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