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    İsmet inönü'nün ingilizce Hayatı

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    Usta Üye

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    İsmet İnönü, was born in Izmir in 1884. Primary and secondary education was completed in Sivas. After reading in a year in Sivas Mülkiye High School, went to High School in 1897 in Istanbul Mühendishane. -I Berri-i Humayun in 1901 Mühendishane (artillery school) entered İsmet İnönü, the artillery school in 1903 graduated as a lieutenant. 1906 the first place in the Erkan-i Harbiye School staff with the rank of captain in Edirne 2 8th Army Alay'ında appointed as the commander of troops.

    And 31 March Incident in 1908 kolağası was (13 April 1909), known as the Movement suppress insurrection came from Salonika Army took part.

    Between the years 1910-1913 of the suppression campaign, Yemen joined the revolt. This is the task before it in agreement with rebels in the border problems and successful services and professional features was noticed. During the First World War in the Caucasus Front as Commander of Army Corps worked together with Ataturk, and a friendship that lasted for years with the state's public opinion about the future developed. Front fought in Syria; National Defense during Atatürk's closest friend, worked as a gun.

    23 April 1920 opened the Grand National Assembly of Turkey participated in the Edirne deputy Ismet Bey, May 3 in the Executive Committee to the Attorney General in the Erkan-i Harbiye-i had.

    Colonel Ismet Bey, mebusluk and remain in the ministry as the Uhde Front Command, was appointed Garp. Phase with the regular army organization and internal uprising Circassian Ethem played an active role in suppression of the rebellion. January and April 1921, I. and II. Progress in the war stopped İnönü Greek.

    İnönü victories, gained confidence in the National Army, the National Liberation Movement has carried out by their morale and strength.

    At the end of the First Battle of İnönü was promoted to the rank of brigadier general.

    Sakarya War and The Great Raid on the victory after the Grand National Assembly Mudanya Armistice was represented at the meeting. Lausanne Peace Conference of Foreign Ministers and the Turkish delegation attended as president.

    During the talks, carefully defending and protecting the interests of our nation that Ismet Inonu, 24 July 1923 the Republic of Turkey to the recognition of independence and sovereignty, which has signed the Treaty of Lausanne.

    In the first government in the years 1923-1924 after the declaration of the republic as Prime Minister took part, also Acting President of the People's Party claimed. Act out in 1934 when First name and surname Atatürk İnönü given area Ismet Pasha, the Prime Minister's task was also conducted between the years 1924-1937.

    Inonu, Ataturk's revolution and the realization of the solid foundation of the Republic of Turkey Ataturk's closest colleagues was sitting on.

    In 1938 after the death of Ataturk, Turkey by the Grand National Assembly was elected as Turkey's second President. Presidency, as well as chairman of the CHP were brought. December 26, 1938 meeting of the CHP I. Extraordinary Kurultay'ında party "does not change the general chairman" I was elected. In addition to its "National Chief" was given the title.

    During the Second World War, Turkey has managed to keep the war outside felâketinin. Move to multi-party political regime after the war became greatest support.

    After the 1950 general elections, while CHP power left to the Democratic Party, İsmet İnönü and the left Cumhurbaşkanlığı'ndan general until 1960 as Head of Main Opposition Party to maintain political life.

    Membership of the Constituent Assembly after the May 27 campaign, was elected on November 10, 1961 and was appointed to the Prime Ministry. After leaving this position in 1965 as deputy political life continued. In 1972, the party chairman and resigned from the Parliament, 25 December 1973 until his death in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic membership of the Senate of course worked.

    İsmet İnönü in 1916 Mevhibe married father of three children was Hanım.

    State funeral in 1973, died December 25 and December 27 İnönü was buried at Ataturk's Mausoleum.

    Memoirs of a portion of my memories, Youth Officer, HDW Years, 1884-1918 (1968) had collected under the name, of various dates, including speeches and statements İsmet Pasha's political and İctimai of Speech, 1920-1933 (1933), İnönü He says (1944), Inonu 'nü Demeçleri's speeches and I, 1920-1946 (1946) have been published as books.

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