N70 için fc caller

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    Cevap: Full Screen Caller For N70 & N72

    Do you want to see all details of the caller on your smartphone’s screen?
    FullScreenCaller Pro allows you to see a big picture of a person when you receive or make a phone call if this person is stored in your contacts database. There are different predefined and fully customizable profiles that display the information about the caller in you friendly way. You can use different skins and customize your application in your own way.
    Communication is somewhat very personal. The Full Screen Caller Pro expresses that perfectly!

    Profile Overview:
    Full Screen Caller Pro consists of profiles. You can set a profile to a contact, you group or all contacts. You can create as many profiles as you wish. Every profile has its own settings of displayed information about caller, positions of every displayed element, order and size of you photo.
    There is the special wizard for creating you’s profiles. You can create new profile, based on real profile. Every element of profile – text label, picture etc. has its own settings and together these settings make up profile’s settings. You can change any setting of profile. If caller’s profile not found, application takes default profile to show necessary picture during phone’s call. There are two predefined profiles – “Business” and “Friends”. You can’t change their names, but can modify all their settings. There are default settings for these profiles also, which can be restored.
    Customizing Profile Settings:
    To change settings of profile you can use menu item “Customize…” and change there a lot of different settings, such as profile’s name, add or remove some text labels, that are describing information about caller, choose colors etc. There are two types of pictures, connected with any profile: background image and caller’s photo. The first one is shown on full screen and the second – in the customised place. The caller’s photo is loaded from phone’s database. You can remove or add if necessary both caller’s image and background image if you want. In this case only text labels you set will be shown. To assign a background picture to your profile, you can select any image of phone’s data or get a snapshot from camera.
    Creating new Profile:
    Every time you wish you can create new profile. For this purpose Profile Wizard is created. There are two types of profiles – Users Group and Single User. The new profile is based on a profile template. You can change all template settings after creating new profile with the help of menu item “Customize”

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