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    Özel Üye

    Cevap: Hearts of people giving up real friend to the freshness is not a drug
    R Bakon

    Most often the fanatical religiosity of friendly friendship from the man disgusted
    La Rochefoucauld

    Extent like a prudent man, would be a day that hostilities would
    Prophet Muhammad

    Peace would call, friendly, put power to work quickly bring repentance Figure
    Hz Mevlana

    A friendship that was followed by fighting the hatred, fruit is the most deadly

    The biggest blessing and a true friend to get work at least
    La Rochefaucauld

    If everyone else is saying about itself completely knew, could not be friendly with each other four people in this world

    Friendship is like eating mushrooms, but after defeating certain whether the pest is
    Chinese Proverb

    Roses, tulips, carnations are breaking all the flowers solar steel and iron, but what real friendship is left, what is broken

    Friends is a family so that people, himself and his family members shall elect
    Alfons Karr

    In genuine friendship, rather in the creation of those who can not taste the flavor is
    La Bruyere

    Despite flaws you love your man, your real friend

    Friendly pet is not a drinker

    Each other's arms in the world of friendship from one end to one end is long enough to embrace

    From the beginning he put pillows in a fire, a man lying on a bed of snakes he, that the safety of a friend, a man more comfortable sleep hostility sezen
    Vishnu Sarma

    Dost, first of all trial

    Would starve to death, man opens the door for you, you are taken to the table, filling the bowl of milk for you, break bread, the inside is what you smile

    Friendly with him when you seem to be really affordable, you can tell he is one spirit with him all the privacy and self-defense when there is no need to
    Jean Jacques Rousseau

    So that the enemy is living with your friend about how you have to say

    That friendly face when living with your enemy, it should not fried;

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