Ahmed Mekki Üçışık İngilizce Biyografisi

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    Ahmed Mekki Üçışık İngilizce Biyografisi


    Ahmed Mekki Üçışık İngilizce Biyografisi

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    Mufti of Mecca Ahmad's memorable Üçışık Kadikoy
    Irfan Özfatura
    Turkey May 12, 2004

    Abdullatif brother, who access to Mecca, the master's happiness by working one fewer nasipli. Although we do not break in the corner repeatedly Sağolsun writing, they are having to sit with his venerable explains:
    60 years, and studying, and am working in tax offices. Perception-tax issues all day, angry taxpayers, cerbezeli accountants, cigarette smoke, documents, envelopes, file, stamp, receipt for, is initialed, signed ... I can not hardly manage to use Facit sleeved, buttons, numbers, calculations do not forgive mistakes ... Money, money, money, dirty notes ... Uneasy and embarrassed for the confusion I'm a child of Anatolia. Milking women already left my woman. Taif-i-nisa is in the room for their dominance is growing in peace, a "Weasel" or "Spring" is wired, of lace, the cups are talking. Weight problems, nail polish, cream advice, coffee, horoscopes, discounts, cheap and blah blah ... I'm all alone, I can not tell how bored.

    Go! Kadikoy! ..
    Bey summoned one day to the Director, click the button to fasten the door brand new. Dry from the inside, "Come in!" Sounds. I entered, they can turn around without "Mufti described in Kadikoy, we had over the elements. They want a man, "she says," I thought what do you think?

    If "no" I got a chance to say, is sağolsun politeness. What shall I say, twisting my neck is "how you ordered," I mutter. Well he is doing it right, faster than me, and others experienced. Not blind or can not adapt as well realizes.

    I'm starting my new job Monday. Mufti Effendi Ahmed Mecca Üçışık called a soft-spoken Van smiling. Have heard the name but I know when I opens, I can not tell how relieved. My duty as clerk, I typed my desk shows me, tea is said, does bring bagels. Then the master's disciples come Mecca. Ali Sezer, Ibrahim Bey Kemaleddin channels and choke ... He opens a book and are beginning Arabic course. I think one thing that I did not know himself religious and I know that I am nothing. I said to myself "gosh, where did it come" I say. As the Lord spoke my heart was washed in Mecca, I feel free. A search turns to me, "What? Did you like this, "he asks. I can not find words to express my satisfaction, "Hereafter I know, but such a place must be heaven on earth" I say.

    In deference to defect!
    The Lord of Mecca to those who know me closely aside and says, "He is the son of both parents, such as Sayyid Abdulhakim Arvas both maternal grandson of Sayyid Fehim nibs. How do two people grow to such a grand son of Mecca Effendi If they have grown, too. His humble attitude surprise you're blessed by the father, but also from his uncle (from Sayyid Taha Effendi) was many things, "they say. That is duly "'s step, at the apparent trend towards the icâzetli, been attained and a great favor to have a parent say" bring together. Lord Mecca is not that behave like ordinary people. How do you say. For example, the day is right around the left side, is attached on chairs, sitting there never to the authority of mufti. Ask'd feel when "this seat Zachariah Lord a scholar honor has," she says, "no longer we sit down we would not be appropriate." Now it's at least Zachariah Lord large enough to be a scholar I know, but it 's so modest that self-ulema of not counting.
    Sometimes the question is going to ask, when you see him on the shore around the corner "Hey, uncle, Lord Do not Mufti" I ask. Show them the place is holy, tea, says, "Let's try to answer any questions you have, my son," he says.
    We're definitely making prayers in congregation, is not that how insistently than cure, always takes me forward. I would like to take some time İmamate. Big big open eyes, "What am I?" To come to, "never again, the sky will fall on my head! .."

    Is it working? What is it?
    But the service does not stop working over, puts on me to follow, mosques are filled mosques. To be informed of some imam and muezzin, and they want to prepare themselves for the task, but he does not like to not considered. Those who know him. Hoca Ali Sezer, for example, What Do Mecca, he saw Lord İmamate goes, what comes to sermons. This work is left to the muezzin, his neck is twisted and pulled to the front door. Elpençe sofa stands, only reply to questions.
    We've yet formulas taken a morning start. Large, capped a larrikin stops Mecca Lord, the "Mufti's father," she says, "to work taa Kars come from, i no us, work does not, the country I'll be back, but can not afford." He's professional, and two with a glass looking in, "aha worked in a car, or not miss at least "(he gets up from last place in the Kadikoy Anadolu buses) also makes it exciting. If you want to correct it but I kept my eyes Lord Mecca does not presume that a person can not lie!
    Purity is a big problem with the price of tickets. Man, "and forty pounds," he says. Lord Mecca's salary of 350 pounds, has kept out the fifty pounds, has put forward.
    Fortunately, those days are in the evening, you ride the ferry. We'll like what you see, the same man wandering among passengers at the same table do not you tell? After two seats in front of us will fall, we'll come eye to eye. Mufti girl who knows how to master these fraudsters then leans into my ear, "Let's get up out Abdullatif," she says, "To see if we can be ashamed! He let no one be ashamed! "

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