Johann Gregor Mendel İngilizce Biyografisi

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    Johann Gregor Mendel İngilizce Biyografisi


    Johann Gregor Mendel İngilizce Biyografisi

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    Genetics of the founder, Gregor Mendel, the Austrian empire, including Czechoslovakia poor peasant as a child into the world gelir.O time in rural areas is still a kind of feudal egemendi.Topraksız for villagers from hand to mouth ırgatlık out more than one option was not the only way out perhaps eğitimdi.Ne However, the study said most schools with limited increased; more advanced for the public financial strength yoktu.Herkes such Gregor the innate fate as his father farmer olmaktı.Ama no, this child of the order imposed obstacles to its own resolution in the ability of out koyacaktı.İlkokuldaki The success of the eye kamaştırıcıydı.Öğretmenlerinin insistence family, eventually the child's secondary education, the permission to verir.Gregor, away from home for six years in a home inadequate care and nutrition conditions confront the reader, but the pain for many years to attract the tired, gaunt and unhealthy body with a graduate .

    Mendel more students in the years of science, magic wrapped, especially botanical intense interest olmuştu.Fakat higher education for him to reach a difficult hayaldi.Burs facilities had no sister would donate dowry enough to be uzaktı.Mendel only one way she had a Catholic convent to enter . Austrian botanical museum, garden plants and a rich library, with the famous Brno monastery, Mendel for the''ideal''bir learning merkeziydi.Yirmibeş old priest is awarded, Mendel actually yearning for at least a secondary school to become teachers, research for a more enabling environment was to find . For this purpose, has entered the test in sufficient görülmez.Genç priests hope yitirmemiştir.Viyana University four semesters of physics and natural history education after seeing the chance of re-dener.Ama still a successful görülmez.Sınav based prejudices are, their own different attitude that youth understand the far remains . the candidate's ideas on heredity and evolution, especially as it was donated to the monastery is now taken for değildi.Mendel and research on horticultural crops was no alternative but to continue.

    In species characteristics from generation to generation, migration, Mendel sürgit interest constitutes konuydu.Herkes a newborn puppy's ancestors has the attributes that biliyordu.Dahası some puppy's more home to some puppy's also more than the father pulled Review kaçmıyordu.Ancak known of these phenomena scientifically might be called a No description was ortada.Mendel peas on a series of experiments such a description to find koyulmuştu.Çalışmasını this purpose, chose 22 beans of the tall-dwarf, yellow-green, round-wrinkled ... like 7 pairs of opposites on the properties yoğunlaştırır.Örneğin, tall and dwarf varieties cross-fertilization is the first generation hybrid product in its entirety tall as saptar.Melez product itself fertilization obtained by the second generation product is a major portion height, a small portion of the squat where görülür.Mendel two kinds of ratio between accounts: in 1064 the plant's approximately 3 / 4 tall , 1 / 4 of the possible error arising from bodurdur.Örneklem into consideration the size of the Mendel, the rate is set at 3:1.

    Mendel made further experiments on plants after the same result almıştır.Daha, biologists insects, fish, birds and mammals in the experiments carried out on the genetic theory has confirmed it.

    Mendel's theory of evolution theory in the beginning explanation left some important issues to light tutmuştur.Evrimi by natural selection, describes Darwin as everyone parents features puppies a sort of fusion that varsayıyordu.Oysa this were true, natural selection, with the advantage winning properties throughout generations is weakened in the process were expected to. For example, running so fast that individuals with a running speed of a normal individual's mating arising from individuals running speed between the two would be the next generation in the difference further reduced and vanished away to tutacaktır.Darwin this not the case of the farkındaydı.Kaynaşma assumption that what some offspring of the parents is just like one of the events with what As can be seen occasionally, especially the world coming to an unexpected event such as the bağdaşmaktaydı.Özelliklerin previous generation or generations of offspring as separate entities, and passes into the idea, brought Mendel's theory is an explanation.

    Mendel, his theory in 1865 scientists to the sunmuştu.Ancak Mendel in life uninteresting theory's importance, thirty-five years after the kavranır.Hugo de Vries and Weismann, such as the work of scientists without the Mendel's revolutionary breakthrough maybe longer come to light would not.

    Genetic theory of evolution, a new dimension kurcebine not be achieved by today's much-mentioned positive and negative genetic engineering experiment that has led to a study

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