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    İngilizce Kitap Özetleri


    İngilizce Kitap Özetleri

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    Ancient Burial Grounds of Tonopah

    The Ancient Burial Grounds of Tonopah
    The quarter dropped past the switch, an electronic greeting warbled, and the wheels of the slot machine spun. A bar, a space, a seven. No winner. Grady looked in the bucket beneath the machine and saw two quarters lying fallow there. The credit display read "41" and he knew he had four more quarters in his pocket. All totaled, less than twelve dollars remained from the forty he started with. A bad night. Breakfast tomorrow? Or put it all back in to chance for a big one? God, he hated decisions like this.

    "Cocktails?" It was Shireen's husky voice coming up behind him. "You want another one honey?" she asked over his shoulder. "How's it going?"

    He didn't turn around. He continued to stare at the machine. He wouldn't have to pay for the drink, not as long as he was playing, but he'd have to tip her. Sigh. Another decision. "Sure. Scotch and — "

    "No more than an ounce of water.
    i know." She patted his shoulder. "Be right back, honey."

    He decided to keep the four quarters in his pocket. That's it, absolutely. Not touching those four, he vowed. He hit the Max Bet button and pulled the handle. Damn near all the slot players these days just pushed the "Spin" button, the slot machine equivalent of a remote control. You don't have to get up to change channels anymore, you don't have to read a paper to get the news, and you don't even have to burn the calories to pull the handle to lose your money. The whole world was nothing but buttons. Grady still pulled the handle. It was his little bit of rebellion at the modern age.

    By the time Shireen returned with the drink, he had worked the 41 credits up to 68. The wind was blowing a bit warmer now.

    "Here ya be," Shireen said cheerfully and set it between the machine he was playing and the next one. Christ, they cram so many of these things in here you hardly got room to put a glass. But then, Grady remembered with a wry grin, there was the night when being close to the woman playing next to him at the Oasis in Mesquite ended up with two days of naked keno from her room. Knee bumping has its rewards. "Thanks, babe," he said to Shireen, and dropped two quarters on her tray. "Last one, though. Even if you beg me."

    Dan Morgan

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    It was late morning when the soldiers came knocking on the door. Such a polite knock. A bit like Mr Marsden from the Pru used when he came to collect his money every month. "i'm here again," he would say to Jimmy's mother, laughing. "Doesn't time fly!" And he would collect his half a crown which he would put into the small leather bag he carried around his waist before stooping to refit the bicycle clips around his skinny ankles, mount his sit-up-and-beg Raleigh and pedal off to knock on Mrs Hutcheson's at number 143. Two-and-sixpence here, five bob there, a tanner from old Granny Baxter at number 79 for her funeral insurance! She was determined to have a good send off was old Granny Baxter. She'd never hold her head up if there weren't ham sandwiches for all followed by fairy cakes and Jammy Dodgers.

    The soldiers knocked again. A firm knock but not one designed to alarm. Knock, knock, knock, as if by a gloved hand, which was the case.

    Jimmy knew it was the soldiers. He had seen them walking along the road, past the troop carriers, six of them in uniform, carrying guns.

    "Dad," Jimmy had shouted up the stairs, "they're outside our gate. They've stopped. They're looking at our door.
    i think they're going to come here, to our house. Dad!"

    Charlie Taylor

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    Brokeback Mountain

    Love has no rules. It happens when we least expect it, often when we don't want it, many times when we can't handle it. It often times scares you, surprises you, shakes you down to your very core. Ennis Del Mar (a remarkable Heath Ledger) and Jack Twist (an emotionally available Jake Gyllenhaal) find themselves thrown together because of a job: forced to spend many hours together alone in the wild, tending to sheep in a remote region of Wyoming.... on Brokeback Mountain. They fall in love: a love that they soon realize only lives and breathes on the mountain.
    It's 1963, pre American involvement in the Vietnam War, post Korean War: a time in the USA when life was simple, straightforward and the lines between the sexes and sex roles were crisply drawn and severely delineated. It was a time when men and women were pigeon-holed into unrealistic modes of behavior and anyone who ventured outside of these boundaries was thought of at best, weird at worst... perverted and in many states, criminal. Ennis himself, at an early age was witness to the ugly, disgusting results of a hate crime perpetrated on a Wyoming farmer who had lived many years with his partner. In most societies he would be venerated but in 1950's Wyoming... he became a target.
    Director Ang Lee begins this film as both Ennis and Jack are waiting outside of a building, both looking for work, both down on their luck, both avoiding each other's eyes. We know, or those of us who have read the story know, what is to happen and so unfortunately we read more into that simple scene than there really is. But with all that aside, this scene of Ennis and Jack avoiding each other, dodging each others looks, staring at the ground, kicking up the dirt is nonetheless rife with sensuality and tension.
    Ennis and Jack are inexorably drawn to each other through their proximity, loneliness and through a shared lack of tenderness and emotion in their lives: they are emotionally, physically and psychically bonded almost from the start. It is inevitable. It is Fate.
    And so begins a Love affair that transcends social mores, time, marriages, children, extra-marital affairs and divorce.
    Despite all that is going on in their lives, Ennis and Jack meet several times a year up on Brokeback mountain and rekindle and thereby re-ignite their emotional and physical attraction: there is no one around, they are free from their regular lives...they can love.
    Much has been made of Heath Ledger's performance as Ennis and he gives what is without a doubt one of the finest performances of this year. Ennis is a quiet, stoic man and he is troubled and frankly scared by how deeply he feels for Jack. As he showed us first in "Monster's Ball," Ledger is capable of digging way deep down into his gut and imbuing his performances with an unflinching frankness and truth that we can neither ignore nor help to be moved by.
    Gyllenhall's Jack is the younger of the two: he's fun, he's a little crazy and unfortunately he wants a lot, lot more than Ennis is able to give him. Gyllenhaal's hang-dog, frisky puppy of a performance is full of warmth and light: the kind of transcendent light that shines out from a soul full of love, understanding and acceptance.
    "Brokeback Mountain" is devastating in both its presentation, its performances and its tragic denouement. This movie is not for everyone. But if you are willing to open up your heart and mind a bit to let in its beauty, emotionality and sensuality you will not be disappointed. In fact... you will be renewed.

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    The Ring

    An ill-fated affair between Kassandra von Gotthard, a married German socialite, and her lover, a Jewish writer, at the beginning of Hitler's ethnic cleansing campaign results in tragedy for Kassandra's children, especially her beautiful daughter Ariana. When her father and brother disappear, Ariana is arrested by the Reich. Facing imprisonment and repeated rape at the hands of unscrupulous soldiers who desire to humble the lovely blond, Ariana jumps at the opportunity to become a cook for a kind Nazi officer. Gradually, the two are able to put the specter of war behind them and fall in love. But calamity strikes again, leaving Ariana alone once more and running for her life. Desperately sick and pregnant, Ariana lands in New York, part of the wave of refugees brought there by relief organizations. Sponsored, then befriended, then betrayed, by the Liebman family, Ariana slowly recovers in time for the Christmas birth of her son. And Noel, a kind man who loves Ariana, gives her the strength to make a life for herself and for him, which she does, finally finding true happiness. Danielle Steel creates a tale of the phases of life and love that we all experience against a brutal background that hopefully will not be experienced ever again.

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