ANTALYA'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    ANTALYA'nın İngilizce Tarihi


    ANTALYA'nın İngilizce Tarihi

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    Attalos Dormitory meaning Antalya, II. Was founded by Attalos. The closure of the kingdom of Pergamum (133 BC) the city remained independent for a while, then passed into the hands of pirates.

    According to rumors, İ.Ö.2. In the middle of the century the King of Pergamon Attalos, I found a paradise on earth; command established by the founder and the field name Attaleia today's Antalya'sı ancient Pamphylia, Psidya, the intersection of the Lycian region in Anatolia was founded in the most fertile geography. Antalya, always during the history of culture, art, architecture, mythology, is the pinnacle. Because of the nature of the dark blue seas, magnificent Taurus Mountains, waterfalls and exuberant, party-colored trees, flowers and insects have been inspired Antalya.

    In the spring of 1930, the Great Leader Atatürk on the first time in Antalya that lies behind the dark blue sea, watching the mountains change color in vain instant color "Antalya is undoubtedly the most beautiful places in the world," he did not.

    The beauty of the environment is carefully planned to be able to fuse with the belt is an ideal place for a vacation wonderful. A fully equipped Kemer marina district in the south of the perfect place for yachtsmen and is ready for the beach they can explore. Both the swimming and sunbathing for those who like to golf and 40 km of Antalya. The modern facilities provide the perfect vacation away from Belek center.

    Our country's most well known is the ancient region of Side. As a former Port Side's name meant pomegranate. Today, a beautiful seaside town with ancient ruins in Side, good climate, sandy beaches, many shopping center and modern accommodation facilities here are among main reasons for the influx of tourists make.

    Alanya, wide beaches, tourist facilities and historical monuments is the city with an important holiday. From their first meeting as a crown atop of Alanya Peninsula, which was established and 13 century Seljuk Castle is magnificent.

    Obtained from the archaeological findings at the end of Yapilan kazilar Antalya and the region, the day of our 50 thousand years ago people yaşadiği proven.

    A large part of the Antalya plain Quarterner'e conglomerate owned it, is covered with alluvium and travertine. Continued under the sea a few hundred meters through the total thickness of travertine.

    Antalya is the largest area in the basin of red Mediterranean soil containers.

    Natural vegetation of these lands are forest trees and shrub.

    Climate: Mediterranean climate is dominant in Antalya, mild and rainy winters, the summers are hot and rainless while.

    Transport: Road, air and maritime transport are provided with. Antalya airport is open to international air traffic.

    which is one of the most important cities of the Mediterranean region's land border antalya creates toros mountain.

    Area: 20,723 km ²

    Population: 1.719.751 (2000)

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