My Friend İngilizce Şiir

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    My Friend İngilizce Şiir


    My Friend İngilizce Şiir

    Forum Alev
    My Friend

    You never walk alone, my friend

    Though you may think you do.

    For in your sorrow and despair

    God always walks with you.

    There is no hour, no passing day

    He is not by your side.

    And though unseen HE is still there

    To be your friend and guide.

    Whene'er you think you walk alone

    Reach out and you will find

    The hand of God to show the way

    And bring you peace of mind.

    Richard Edward Offenburger

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    Benim arkadaşım adlı şiir çok güzel olmuş başlığı da ne güzel olmuş My Frend

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    Don't appear in my dream
    if you are able
    I believe in it's true
    than quickly slip in your eyes
    I'm not the dead well's Alice
    Neither you nor I
    exist in that World

    Seçkin GÜNDÜZ

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