AWC-550 Silver VGA Class Webcam Driver Xp Vista

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    AWC-550 Silver VGA Class Webcam Driver Xp Vista


    AWC-550 Silver VGA Class Webcam Driver Xp Vista

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    AWC-550 Silver VGA Class Webcam Driver

    Vista driver

    xp Driver

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    Ø Uses USA-made Micron sensor chipset, the best Web cam IC sensor in
    the market. Offers high Resolution, CCD-like image picture and real
    time motion quality image.
    Ø Built-in 5-layer high- quality Japan made glass lens. Guaranteed best
    optical performance.
    Ø Offers sharp and clear picture quality.
    Ø Offers up to 800x600 high-resolution still images and 30 frames per
    second video.
    Ø 5x digital zoom lets you zoom in and capture your special moments with
    more clarity and ease.
    Ø Offers live audio using built-in microphone. Allows you to conduct real live
    video conferencing (optional) .
    Ø An ingenious, versatile, swivel base unit allows you to mount the web
    cam snugly to conventional monitors, LCD monitors or notebook PCs.
    It offers 360-degree rotation freedom and can work as a freestanding unit.
    Ø USB cable has reactive-coil inductor, which filters all electrical and
    noise interference. Results in clear and stable signal and image.
    Ø Built-in vibrant lights, which offer Night Vision feature. Delivers ultra-clear
    video and still images with richer colors and clarity even in low light condition.
    Ø Excellent reliability. Product comes with 2-Year warranty.
    ØFCC and CE approved. Microsoft ® Windows Certified pending.

    Sensor Micron CMOS sensor
    Pixel 500K Effective
    Still Image Capture Resolution 800x600 (interpolated)
    Digital video capture Resolution 800x600 (XVGA), 640x480 (VGA),
    352x288 (CIF), 320x240 (SIF),
    176x144 (QCIF), 160x120 (QSIF)
    Digital Video Frame Rate 30 frames/sec (QSIF,QCIF, SIF, CIF)
    15 frames/sec (VGA)
    Color 24 Piece (RGB), 1420
    Lens Japan made 5-layer glass lens with
    High definition
    Focus Distance 2 cm - infinity
    Method of Focusing Automatic or manual
    Auto Control Auto Exposure, Amplification Control
    Programmed Adjustment Saturation, Contrast, GAMMA, White
    Balance etc.
    Interface Type USB 1.1
    Output Format JPEG
    Light vision capability Yes, Built-in vibrant ights
    View Angle 90º (up & down) 360º(left & right )
    System Requirements Windows® 98SE/ME/2000/XP/2003

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    s.a kardeşim bende class I08 usb pc camera var acaba bu driver olrmu yardımcı olrsan sevinirim kardeş

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